Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wallpaper + Hutch

Getting bored with your hutch ? How about stick some cute wallpaper and see how it makes a difference now !! Have a great new week everyone, as usual busy busy here, between taking care the children, assist hubby with his business, very grateful for everything and have a great new week !!!

Image 1 and 2 from knock-off wood, image 3 and 4 from design sponge


FEDERICA said...

Beautiful images and beautiful blog!
Thanks soo much for your nice comment!
Wish you a lovely Monday,

Creamy White said...

Hi Eva! I love the wallpaper idea. I have a nice light blue damask wallpapper here just waiting for a nice piece of furniture...thanks for sharing, dear. Have a lovely week,
Hugs, Li :-)