Saturday, 26 June 2010

{ k n o b s } from Anthropologie

I'm so happy today reading one of my fave blog a creamy white, thank you so much Li for passing the award. Reading her newest posting about her plan for Kitchen Makeover, it came across my mind to browse on door cabinet knobs and here are some of my favorite knobs from Anthropologie and those simple white jug and plates are really lovely.


laura said...

Hi Eva, thankyou for your lovely comments and for stopping at my blog! I loove the doorknobs, they are so pretty; especially the aqua ones!
Hope you are having a fantastic weekend,

Creamy White said...

Hello Eva,
They are really gorgeous! Thanks for reminding me of them! I'll go there to take a look for sure!
And thanks for mention me on your blog.
I hope you are having a beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine!
Hugs to you,
Li :-)

oldblackcatboo said...

Very cool knobs!
Today I posted some photos of my favorite rooms on my blog. There's a photo of a bathroom if you are still looking for ideas! (It's not small but...)