Sunday, 3 October 2010

Little Emma English Home (another lovely blog)

I've been busy, has just moved our office to a new location, arranged everything from A to Z, new place, new hope ... May the Lord blessed our new office and everything works out well there. Cross my fingers for the upcoming new week, still few more things to handle relates with the relocation, hope everything goes smoothly. 

LITTLE EMMA ENGLISH HOME is one of my favorite blog, the first four photos are taken from that lovely blog, and the last picture is from MY IDEAL HOME

Looking those pictures, make me think "another important elements to put in front of the house is PLANTS .... (whether flowers or green plants). Imagine if those plants are eliminated, I'm sure it won't be as beautiful. So you may check on your porch, the front part of your house or your front main door, if it is still empty, you may put some plants and see how it will make a difference. HAPPY DECORATING !! Thank you ZAIRA from Little Emma English Home for very lovely pictures that you have taken, I'm sure those will inspire others as well.